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Rumor Fix: The Business of Super Bowl Ring

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Rumor Fix: The Business of Super Bowl Ring


It’s one rumor after another for sweet Southern belle Jessica Simpson.
NBC’s Fashion Star mentor phoned in to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show Wednesday for a morning chat.
After discussing her show, new home, and baby-to-be, the bubbly blonde was questioned about a rumor.
Ryan’s co-host Ellen brought up the latest gossip– that Jess’ fiancé and former NFL star, Eric Johnson, misses football so much that Jess bought him a $50,000.00 Super Bowl ring.
Simpson answered with a chuckle, “What?! No! How do you even buy a Super Bowl ring?” The singer continued, “I can barely get the guy [Eric Johnson] to watch football on Sunday!”

This is our contribution to your daily dose of laughter. Normally, we don’t post any rumors about Jessica but once a while a rumor make you shake head and wonder who could be so creative or derange to come up with a rumor like this.  I hope you like this bit chuckle