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A Case of Flood Gates

Baby-carrying Jessica Simpson has declared that when her water breaks “it will be like a fire hydrant!.  The reason for the flood gates? As she explained to Jimmy Kimmel, her unborn baby girl is apparently swimming in a whole lot of amniotic fluid. So does a lot of liquid equal a crazy water rush? Not always.

First, a bio lesson: Your bag of waters, aka amniotic sac, is filled with fluid that protects your babe from infection and allows her room to flop around comfortably. According to the American College of Nurse Midwives, “sometimes women feel or even hear a small ‘pop’ when the bag breaks.” Sometimes there’s a gush of fluid; other times just a trickle. And sometimes the bag doesn’t break until the baby is being born.

Having pushed out two babies, I can honestly say: It’s always different. My water never broke with babe number one. In fact, he was born still inside his amniotic sac. (So was Jessica Alba’s daughter Haven, by the way.) But with baby number two, it was, as Jessica so nicely put it, a flippin’ fire hydrant. Let’s just say, I was happy to be in the bathroom and not Target at the time.

We asked iVillagers what the whole water-breaking thing it felt like — and ehard everything from a giant gush to a slow trickle. Here, the dirty deets:

“It just kept trickling out…I thought I had lost control of my bladder.” —Tonya

“It’s different for everyone! Both [of] mine were pretty darned obvious! Maybe not a fire hydrant, but waaaaay more than a trickle!” —Erin

“Mine were always a pop, then a gush. Not a trickle.” —Stephanie

“Like a constant pee that would not stop!” —Pamela

“Got up at 4 AM, went to the bathroom and while I was sitting on the toilet there was a great WOOSH!!” —Mary

“It was a slow leak.” —Lindsay

“I got the GOOSH… My shoes were so wet they squeaked.” —Lorie

“Felt like I peed my pants.” —Karla-Anne

“It kept gushing for 7 hours — on and off.” —Dana

“Had a huge pop and a gush…It was almost violent how it happened.” —Anthea

I sure need this little dose of laughter today.

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Her Baby Shower

Jessica Simpson pulled out all the stops for her Charlotte’s Web-themed baby shower on Sunday — and her outfit was no exception.

The guest of honor, 31, who runs a successful fashion empire of her own, donned a flowing blue Roberto Cavalli dress and Miu Miu shoes.

She topped off the look with Neil Lane jewels and baubles from Loree Rodkin, including $38,750 diamond and sapphire earrings, a $52,250 sapphire ring and a $16,250 white gold cuff.

Says the Fashion Star mentor of her big day: “It was perfect!”


Fashion Star Recap - Oscar the Grouch Wk2 

The show begins with the designers trying to figure out their look for the week. They are using all the resources they can possibly be provided with; models, sewing teams, hair and makeup stylists, and of course their mentors.

On the first run way round Kara redeems herself from last week with a fabulous design. Between Saks and H&M the bidding was raised to $110,000 from Saks Fifth Avenue. The original offers were $50,000 from H&M and $80,000 from Saks. These companies really wanted her design and kept trying to out bid each other. Good for Kara.

The other designers seem to not like Oscar. Oscar lives in Oscar land and the other designers know it. Oscar, however, is feeling very entitled, but when he gets no offers he throws the new famous Oscar fit. He cries and complains as if he is the only one with no offers this week. Whatever Oscar.
This episode is becoming more of a reality show as they show more of the background, behind the scenes events.

Lisa Vian Hunter, Trudy dress, $50,000 Macy’s

Ronnie Escalante age 32, blouse with zipper, no offers

Kara Laricks age 38, tie dress 110,000 Saks Fifth Avenue

Orly Shani age 26, convertible maxi dress, no offers

Ross Bennett age 27, tailored belaro jacket, no offers

Oscar Fierro age 37, cape dress, no offers

Nikki Poulos age 43, two pieced bathing suit, no offers

Edmond Newton age 32, sleeveless dress, no offer

Nzimiro Oputa age 28, ,$70,000

Luciana Scarabello age 30, sleeveless maxi dress, no offers

Lizzie Parker age 41, blouse with bat sleeves, no offers

Barbara Bates age 55, leather tunic, no offer

Sarah Parrott age 31,tuxedo pants, $50,000 H&M


The buyers’ bottom three designers were Oscar, Ross and Lizzie. The mentors have the ability to save one designer from elimination and this week they chose to save Ross. This leaves Lizzie and Oscar left to face elimination and the whole time Oscar is standing there crying. Oscar goes from happy to attitude to crying in the blink of an eye. His designs this week were designed for hoochy mama’s and not the American general public. Oscar is sent home because of his poor attitude and also because of his bad design concepts. Lizzie, being the very compassionate women she is, leaned down to him and told him that he was her fashion star after the buyers had told him he was not theirs. I for one couldn’t agree with the buyers more. Goodbye Oscar.


Twitter World: A glimpse of Jessica Simpson Collection Showroom

Kyle Anderson: So pretty! Im @JessicaSimpson showroom checking out her new fw12 accessories #love

Fashion Star 1.02 Captures!!!!

Added captures from last night’s episode of Fashion Star!! Jessica was stunning, as always!

Fashion Star S01E02 - Watch Worldwide

Download the episode

I’ll be adding captures as soon as possible!!

Jessica Simpson on The Joy of Pregnancy

When it comes to her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson is never at a loss for words.

“I feel like I have a bowling bowl sitting on my hoo-ha,” she told Jimmy Kimmel upon her arrival to his stage Monday. “It’s pretty intense at the moment. I have a lot of amniotic fluid so whenever my water breaks, it’ll be like a fire hydrant.”

With her baby girl due in April, the Fashion Star mentor, 31, admits that “I could have the baby soon,” but says she’d “like to keep her in there for a little bit longer.” Nonetheless, she’s prepared for delivery.

“I’m ready to push. A lot of people are like, ‘I want to do it how my mother did it’ and I’m like, ‘Not really,’” Simpson explains. “I’d rather experience less pain.”

In the meantime, she’s enjoying her final nights pre-baby, although Simpson says some evenings are anything but restful.

“You have weird dreams as a pregnant lady,” she notes. “The other night I had a dream that she put her foot through my belly button and I was playing ‘This Little Piggy’ with her toes. And it was completely normal. She must have been kicking me and [I picked up on that] subconsciously.”


BTS in the life of Jessica and Eric - VIDEO


Fashion Star: Jessica Had a Dream

This sneak peek from tonight’s new episode may be one of the best/funniest Fashion Star moments ever! Jessica says she had a dream where she gave birth to Oscar and had to change his diapers! She is so funny!!!

Jessica Simpson Baby Shower Details

With her due date right around the corner – and her Charlotte’s Web-themed baby shower behind her – Jessica Simpson has officially started her countdown to baby.

"At this point, I’m really ready," she tells PEOPLE. "I’m not sleeping very well; she moves all the time. I had a great pregnancy, but I’m ready for it to be over!"

"It’s so much baby and so much amniotic fluid, it’s crazy," the Fashion Star mentor, 31, continues. "If we have a 10 pounder, pray for me!"

On Sunday, Simpson got together 75 of her nearest and dearest to help her celebrate her daughter’s impending arrival with a shower set up to look resemble the carnival from one of her favorite children’s books at a soiree organized by celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss.

After guests chowed down on southern foods that paid homage to Simpson’s Texas roots and her favorite desserts, including fried Oreos and Twinkies, Simpson opened her daughter’s gifts – including designer bathing suits, frilly dresses and of course, plenty of shoes.

"It was perfect," says Simpson of her shower, adding that now her focus is on her baby. "Right now, I can’t wait to just hold her in my arms."